ZiggDig is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of various products in North America.

ZiggDig inc

Giftware, Apparel, Electronics, Computer & Laptops, Home & Garden, Outdoor & Sports, Toys & Games and more.

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ZiggDig Inc

ZiggDig Inc was founded by Damien Defranco and Scott Smalley on Oct 8, 2014.  As a North American brand operating in Canada, United States and China we design, manufacture and distribute products of all genres.  

We are grounded in family.  Our company family.  Our own families at home.  The community of people who have taken the products we offer into their own homes. The owners of our company started this because they believe in providing better affordable products to consumers in North America.  They value the fulfillment that comes from providing something really great with their own skill sets, and even the products they produce themselves.  We’re on a mission to help consumers buy more affordable products. 

As a unique and diverse product supplier, ZiggDig Inc strives to be an innovative leader, delivering the highest standards of consumer experience in its products developed and operation.

As an established business, ZiggDig Inc manages its resources and affairs with integrity and financial responsibility to ensure the autonomy and the long-term viability of the organization.