ZiggDig is a fast growing brand that originally started in Canada and expanded into the Chinese markets.  With services ranging from product research and sourcing, product design, warehousing and even dropship fulfillment.   ZiggDig now has multiple facilities globally to serve clients needs.

Previously ZiggDig was a private invite-only business for new clients thru a closed network, but as of 2020 ZiggDig, has opened its doors to the public offering high end services and opening up the established network to new clients.  ZiggDig is now one of very few businesses that is open and operating in China during the Chinese New Years.

To take ZiggDig to the next level, president of ZiggDig: Peter Yang leads a growing team of over 700 amazing and talented team members.  Peter joined the ZiggDig team in 2018 and has taken an already amazing business and made it even better.

"I am extremely grateful that we have been able to find someone as talented as Peter to further bring out the potential that ZiggDig has.  The entire team at ZiggDig; everyone in Canada, United States, and China, no matter their role has been a huge asset to the success of this brand." - Damien Defranco


ZiggDig Inc was originally founded by Damien Defranco and Scott Smalley on Oct 8, 2014.  As a North American brand primarily operating in Canada, United States and China.  ZiggDig designs, manufactures, sources, and distributes products in most industries.  

We are grounded in family.  Our company family.  Our own families at home.  The community of people who have taken the products we offer into their own homes. ZiggDig was started because we believe in providing better affordable products to consumers around the world.  We value the fulfillment that comes from providing something really great with our own skill sets, and even the products we produce ourselves.  We’re on a mission to help consumers buy more affordable products by cutting cut multiple layers of middlemen and streamlining the process without loss of quality. 

As a unique and diverse product supplier, ZiggDig strives to be an innovative leader, delivering the highest standards of consumer experience in its products developed and operations.

As an established business, ZiggDig manages its resources and affairs with integrity and financial responsibility to ensure the autonomy and the long-term viability of the organization.

The positive vibes at ZiggDig is like no other, it's a great culture.  The amazing core values that ZiggDig as a whole holds dear are next to none.

ZiggDig is only as successful as the team, and our team members believe in the brand.  Damien has brought a lot of Canadian-like culture to the Chinese facilities and instilled great values into the work environment.  Not just health and safety, but fun.

The ZiggDig team members enjoy coming into work and they strive to do and be better than the day before.  With tons of perks, and a very positive cultural environment, staff are able to perform at their peak for clients.

Teams members are empowered, they have access to any resource and education they need to grow and self improve.  Everyone has the tools and resources to become the best.  We don't just find A-Players, we build them.

ZiggDig is not just another company, it's a meaningful brand that impacts the lives of many.  We look forward to growing, expanding the team, and impacting more lives in a positive manner.

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