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ZiggDig originally originated from Canada, however we now have operations in the USA, Hong Kong and in China.

We accept cash, etransfer, all major credit cards, cheque, and other methods of certified payments.

ZiggDig was started in 2014.

ZiggDig offers a wide range of services:

Product design services.
China sourcing services.
Value add services.
Dropshipping services.
White labeling services.
Private labeling services.
Manufacturing services.
Warehousing services.
Distribution services.
Wholesale services.

And everything in between.

ZiggDig has access to multiple millions of products.  If it exists, we can get it.

Yes, many of our suppliers, including our own items have a sample offer program.  Contact us for details.


Yes! ZiggDig offers all of our services worldwide to clients anywhere.  We can ship products to every city, any province, and any country.

We use all types of shipping depending on where you are located.

UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, Canpar, Canada Post, ePacket, China Post and even container shipping via sea if the order is large.

Shipping insurance will depend on the method of delivery used.  For very large orders, you'll need to provide your own 3rd party insurance for the purchase to be insured/covered during transit.

Most often purchases are only covered from warehouse to port, and you'd need to provide insurance from port to your door.

For shipping courier method of shipping like Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc..  insurance is an optional addon that will cost extra and will be set to the declared value of the purchase.

Our policies for returns and exchanges vary depending on the service we offer.

For some services where the factory dictates the policies, we would honor those.

For our own products we manufacturer ourselves, we have various 14, 30, 60, and 90 day policies that vary.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with any of the services we provide and whatever product you purchase.

As we do offer multiple services, the guarantees and policies are different for each because of how logistics and insurances are handled from different factories, suppliers and shipping services.

All the specifics with each policy and guarantees will be discussed prior to any order being finalized.


Dropshipping is a method of fulfillment for which your supplier(s) and distributor(s) handles all the inventory for you.  They stock everything.

You market and advertise the product and place the order with the supplier once you've gotten an order.  The supplier then ships to your buyer, and the package looks like it is coming from you.

This is a service that ZiggDig offers for you.

All products and all niches are viable.

However, if you want to maximize what you are doing, you want medium to high priced items, great quality, and light weight to reduce shipping costs.

No, we have a service charge for dropshipping.  We have various monthly, and fee-per-shipment styles of programs available.  It depends on your volume.

Our founder Damien has over 15 years experience in the eCommerce space, specifically the dropship fulfillment space.  He has been a seller thru over 800 successful brands before becoming a supplier, and even a manufacturer of dropship goods.

He instilled that knowledge and experience when he founded ZiggDig together with Scott.

The team at ZiggDig is highly trained for this.  

We take more pride in product inspection, quality of product, and proper dropship fulfillment practices.

There is a wrong way to do things, and we specialize in doing it right so that your brand can grow.  Your success really is our success.

We have partnered with Vixeemo (another brand of our founders) to create clients high quality branded sites.  We can fill them with branded dropship products (white label dropshipping).

White Labeling

White labeling is essentially the branded version of dropshipping.  And a low/single quantity when compared to buying wholesale/bulk or private labeling.

When you want to get a product dropshipped to your customer,  you can get it branded with your logo, brand info, customized packaging, all before it gets sent out.  This is called white labeling.

The supplier handles the white labeling of products.  In this case, it would be us that arranges everything

It depends on how it is done.  We white label products that are patent/trademark free.  They are non-branded and generically produced.  

We are not removing an existing brands logo to put yours on if that brand is entitled to it.  If they aren't, then the product doesn't legally belong to them and any brand can put their branding/logo on it.

Private Labeling

Private labeling is your branding/logo done at the manufacturer/factory level.  Usually it implies a bulk order for the best pricing.  The more expensive version (lower minimum order) would be white labeling.

The factory that creates the product produces it.  Often times, private label products are created without any branding on it.  It's a blanket product.


Wholesale is buying products in bulk.  A lot of quantity to get the best pricing.

Minimum quantitiy varies from product to product.  It depends on what you are purchasing.

Maximum capacity doesn't exist, the sky and beyond is the limit.

Product Design

Product designing is the creation of a new product.  From figuring out the look, the function and the materials it's made from.

We can design just about any product.  The more complicated a product, the more connections we will need to utilize.  There is no limit to what you can do.

If the material exists, we can get it for your project.  It's important to note that the higher quality the material the more it can cost and it will increase the costs of your project.

The time to design a product depends on the complexity of the product.  

If the design is simple and molds already exist then it can take days.

If everything needs to be sourced for materials for the factory, molds need made, and samples and prototypes need made before it's finished, it can take months.

Yes, we can assist with patents.  It's important to note that patents can cost a lot of money and for most brands is generally not worth it.  Depending on where you file patents will only protect you so much. 

It can be very difficult to enforce patents in certain countries.  It is also important to note that a competitor can do simple changes to the design or function of a product that will get around a patent yet still be similar enough to your product to stay in competition without legal issues.

China Sourcing

Product sourcing is a service we offer for locating suppliers, distributors, sub-distributions, resellers, and even manufacturers of products.

The idea behind product sourcing is to be able to buy a product that someone else creates, stocks, and supplies.

If the product exists within our network, we can get it easily.

If the product exists in China but not directly in our already established network, then we can create new relationships and get access to that product for your brand.

There are tens of millions of products that can be sourced.

Only roughly 8% of products made in China actually get put online.  There are countless products manufactured daily that are similar to products put online, different styles, colors, types.  Enough to be better mouse traps that are not taken in by resellers to be put online.

The amount of offline products in China is an immense market. 

Our teams have over 3000 sourcing agents between in house and freelancers that work for our various brands and facilities in China.

Yes we do, white label sourcing is a big part of what we do.  White label sourcing is where other sourcing brands utilize us to do the work for them.  They contract out their work to us, but we give them credit as if their brand did it themselves.  If this is something you want to setup, contact us.

Value Add

Value added services is something we offer to enhance your product and product offer.  

It can be anything from quality control, inspection, adding flyers, coupons, thank you notes to be put in with your products sent to customers.

It can be custom packaging, and even bundling of products with accessories and other items for combos.

There is no limit to what you can do with value add services.

Yes, just about any product we supply or make can have value added services put with it right before final packaging.

It will be different for each thing you want done.

Prices will cover the costs of materials that need purchased for it.  There is also typically a small processing fee per unit we process.

Contact us for details and to get a full quote.


Manufacturing is the process of physically creating a product.  Often it is done in a factory facility.

Yes, ZiggDig has our own in-house facilities in China to produce a range of products.

We also have hundreds of partners that total thousands of facilities to create an unlimited amount and combintation of whatever you need.

Very few.  If it can be made, we can do it.

However, if there is a trademark or patent against what you want to make and you don't own the rights to produce it then we wouldn't be able to.

There would need to be changes to the design/utility of the item enough to be different for us to create it.

That depends on what you want to make.  Some items can take a few hours, some can take weeks or even months.

It's important not to rush things as that can reduce quality.  Ensure you give enough lead time.


Warehousing is essentially stocking of products in a facility.  Mostly on shelves or on skids.

It is where products are stored until they are ready to go to the final distributor, shipping center, or directly to customer.

Everyone needs somewhere to stock products after they are made or purchased wholesale.

We offer multiple structure options depending on our clients needs.

The size of the product plays a huge part in fees, as well as the estimated length product will be stocked.

As long as you need.

Inspection fees are a value-add service that is an optional add on.

Typically we do not charge any inbound/receiving fees unless specifically structured that way.


Distribution is getting products into the hands of other buyers and other resellers.

The ability to distribute a new product into other networks is great to the success of the new product

Yes, we are accepting applications for becoming an authorized seller/reseller and distributor of ZiggDig products.

Mostly we do USA, Canada and China.  We can ship anywhere in the world, but we only have facilities in 3 countries.

Please reach out to us to discuss this, we take on quite a few new SKU's each month.

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